Privacy Policy

As an entity subject to the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs), Psych1 collects personally identifiable information in accordance with Schedule 1 of the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012, this being an amendment of the Privacy Act 1988. Your rights under the Privacy Act can be found here.

This policy explains how we collect, store and protect your personal information such as you name, address, phone number, photo, Medicare card number and other methods of communication such as email address, Viber, WhatsApp, Facetime or Skype details. Psych1 reserves the right to amend this privacy policy at any point in time in line with legal or technical requirements.

Our software collects personal information at the time of your registration with us. This information is the bare minimum required for us to provide you with our services. By registering with Psych1, you consent to the collection of your personal information. Once you provide this information by registering with us, a digital account is created with your personal information. This information is available to you when you log into your personal digital account and you can modify it to your requirements. We do not collect personal financial information such as credit card details.

Your personal information is protected by law and can not be disclosed to anyone without your consent. We use your personal information in order to communicate with you, your General Practitioner, allied health clinicians and your NOK if required and you have consented for us to do so. In exceptional circumstances where there is a serious risk to yourself or others, this privacy policy can be breached in accordance with statutory obligations.

Our software uses state of the art encryption technology to keep your data safe and unreadable in the event of a data breach. Our database is stored securely on Australian servers in a robust network with regular backups and 24 hour support.