• Are you interested in broadening your scope of services beyond your current clinical placement?
  • Do you want to save travel time while servicing a distant area?
  • Do you need flexible working hours to fit in with your lifestyle?


  • Are you having difficulty finding a local psychiatrist to guide your management?
  • Do you want to be on the cutting edge of service delivery?
  • Do you want to broaden your clinical facilities by providing specialist psychiatric services for your patients?


  • Are you finding it hard to travel long distances to see your specialist psychiatrist?
  • Is it difficult to find time off work to attend to your mental health?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable waiting in a crowded waiting room to see your specialist?


  • Do you find it difficult and time consuming to recruit, staff and retain a psychiatrist?
  • Is the lack of psychiatric services, negatively affecting your patient or client population?
  • Do you need Work Cover approved psychiatric services?